Catalyzing Discovery through Interactive Visualization

DiBS transforms complexity into information

The Secret

The human visual system evolved to quickly recognize patterns. DiBS software harnesses this natural ability to make data accessible to everyone.
Technologies behind DiBS address the growing complexity of our data – personal, research, business and public data – and make it easy to interpret.Amina Qutub, DiBS Co-Founder

Wendy, Amina and Alex (left to right) – DiBS Cofounders

About DiBS

DiBS was founded by bioengineers and computational biologists at Rice University who were looking for a solution to make complex biomedical data easy to understand by researchers, students, and doctors. The solution needed to also provide a quick, automatic way to capture the unique insight data-generators have on their own data.

BioWheel was just a concept on paper when they won a 2013 DREAM big data visualization competition. After requests to use BioWheel kept coming, they built the interactive cloud-based software tool now available. Along with BioWheel, DiBS patent-pending & propriety technologies include ways to rapidly learn from visual images – providing an analytics engine to the visualization tools.

Founded in 2014, DiBS is located at TMCx in the Texas Medical Center, the world’s biggest medical center in Houston, TX.