EASEL Features

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    Elegant, Ease to Use Interface

    91% of users mastered EASEL in 5 min

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    Collaborative Tool

    Team members work together and share visualizations through the cloud

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    Database Integration

    Standard and custom integration across various data storage types

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    Discovery Tool

    84% of EASEL users reported identifying new patterns or trends in their data

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    Adaptive Learning

    Custom algorithms help your team get the most from their data

Where EASEL is being used

MD Anderson Cancer Center researchers like Qi Zhang use EASEL to identify trends in cancer patient data
EASEL visualizations were used to share clinical and proteomics data worldwide for the international DREAM 8 and DREAM 9 Data Challenges in 2014-2015.

DiBS patent-pending technologies have been used to design clinical trials at leading Texas Medical Center institutes

DiBS enterprise software, EASEL, empowers its users to make discoveries from their data.
EASEL provides rapid solutions for interpreting complex data in healthcare, biomedicine, education and business.
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